Data Categories


Data is available for download in some of the most useful formats for spatial analysis and web integration.

File types
SHP: Esri shapefiles often used by GIS professionals and academics while working with Esri products or compatible desktop software.
XML: Extensible Markup Language files are written in an easily read markup language commonly used to display meta data (data about data).
CSV: Comma Separated Value text files display tabular data in a plain-text format and can be easily read by assistive technology.
APIs: API data may be available on out website in either GeoJSON or OGC WMS, both of which are typically used to build software, applications, or web interfaces.

Find Data

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find data relating to topics of interest. As you browse through the different data, the extent of each will be displayed on the map. Once you find what you are looking for, select the data to be able to view the data and get options for download. Alternatively, click here for a current list of data.